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I figured it to be impossible. Ah well, like it really matters.

Also, like my compadre RetardedRevolution, I'm taking a give up to swapping. Instead, expect me to submit crap for the Barney Bunch instead. Stuff like, Drew Pickles Diaper Collaboration.

Clock Day 2009

2009-08-15 20:00:49 by SwellLolimaster

If there is one thing to say about today, I will say this. CLOCK DAY RULES.

I mean, I got a green and a blue for my flashes. Ah well, everyone else got them, but this is just an exciting day for NG trolls/spammers like myself to do a few crappy flashes to piss off people on the portal who want flashes by say, LegendaryFrog or MrWeebl.

I'm SwellBarney, but please, call me Brendan.